Tierravida Benxote…the school of jungle earth living with the native Shipibos
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Welcome to Tierravida Benxote!

Our Jungle Retreat and Shamanistic Healing Center is located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.  We provide a traditional experience for our guests that includes ayahuasca diets with indigenous Shipibo shamans, authentic jungle adventuring, and workshops at our native plants and herbs Permaculture Learning Center.

Founded in 2004, Tierravida Benxote is a Shamanistic healing center located in the peaceful tranquility of the jungle, on Yarina Cocha lake, about an hour from the city of Pucallpa. Our secondary site, a remote jungle center is just a short flight from our main site.  Located in the lower Urubamba river there are virgin jungles, breathtaking wildlife and isolated tribes deep in the rainforest to explore.


We are cooperatively owned with the Indigenous people of the Amazon, the Shipibo. We connect our guests to the natural world and ancient Amazonian traditional ceremonies.  We are fully committed to the preservation of the amazon; the lungs of the earth, its life, trees, plants, animals, rivers and indigenous cultures that live in harmony with their jungle home.


Plant medicines were provided from the earth and have been used by the indigenous cultures of the Amazon for millennia. Part of our NGO project mission is to place seeds of life in the hearts and minds of all people. 


Plant medicines are now available to everyone, facilitating the healing flow of energy in ancient ceremonies.  We merge ancient practices with the growing new world consciousness. Visit us and enjoy the riches of the Amazon rainforest.

We work closely with Ni Bero, a non-profit NGO project dedicated to reforestation, permaculture, and rainforest conservation  Ni Bero is fully certified by AIDESEP, Peru's largest NGO ensuring indigenous rights.

Let us show you the beauty of this magical place! There is so much more at Tierravida Benxote than mere words or pictures could ever bring to life. Please continue to explore Tierravida Benxote in the pages that follow, contact us, and schedule your trip.

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