Tierravida Benxote…the school of jungle earth living with the native Shipibos
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Our staff is committed to connecting humans with 
nature and preserving the Amazon.

Adam Stone ~ Co-Founder and Director

Adam first went to the Peruvian amazon when he was 20 years old.  He instantly fell in love with the large tracks of untouched rain forests and ancient cultures that live off the land. He organized his first trip down to the land with his friends from America in 2002.  He has since started the non-profit Ni Bero which focuses on seed saving, permaculture, reforestation and attuning to the consciousness of the jungle.

Adam also teaches permaculture design and herbalist courses at Tierravida Benxote and leads family trips for children and adults. His fluent Spanish makes him a wonderful translator! 


Adam is a Jungle Guide and also a registred Maine Guide. The process of obtaining a License as a Maine Guide is the most difficult in the United States.  He has also worked on many organic farms and has fun incorporating all his experience into the versatile Amazon jungle basin.


Adam studied at SOLO to earn his certifications as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT). SOLO is the oldest continually operating school of wilderness medicine in the world.


He attended Tom Brown’s Apache inspired Nature and Wilderness Survival School.


During a 4-year apprenticeship a Earthways with Ray Reitze, Adam experienced sweat lodges, sacred pipe ceremonies, study of the medicine wheel, and meditation.


His studies in Peru include Shamanism in Tarapoto, and volunteering in exchange for studies at Takiwasi. Takiwasi is a center to treat drug addicts using ayahuascha and other medicinal plants. Adam studied at Iquitos, which is is a center of shamanism and permaculture at Kapitari. He also spent time in Pucallpa with Mixtisu, Shipibo Shamans, and with elder Nauahas and Cashinauahas.


                 Bella Luz Stone ~ Director of Guest Services

Adam’s wife, Bella Luz is Director of Guest Services at Tierravida Benxote. Bella Luz means beautiful light, and her Shipibo name is Ntenkena, meaning morning light. Bella is involved in every aspect of guest activities including teaching indigenous art classes and assisting Wendy with native dance sessions. Bella speaks Spanish, Shipibo and is quickly conquering the English language.

Kathy Lomas Maldonado ~ Administrative Assistant

Kathy is Tierravida Benxote’s Administrative Assistant. Kathy is a very talented artist and is majoring in Tourism and English. Her organization skills are amazing! She is a Shipiba from Yarina Cocha. Kathy’s duties include airport reception, art class organization and translation. Her outgoing personality is as beautiful as her smile.

Orlando Magin Matios ~ Traditional Shaman

Tierravida Benxote’s native medicine man, Orlando, followed his father’s footsteps to become a traditional shaman. He studied extensively and performed ritual ceremonies with his Uncle in his native village. Traditional "dietas" originated as a plant-based practice for developing attunement to the currents of the underlying spiritual world. Dietas at Tierravida Benxote consist of 10 days of plant medicine ceremonies while observing a strict diet that eliminates sugar, oil, and salt.  His studies were kept a secret until he was fully prepared to share his gift. Orlando is the caregiver for many children, and serves as the healer of the Shipibo. He is referred to as the shaman sent from God.

Lila Maldonado~ Guest Services

Another guardian of the land; Lila speaks mostly Shipibo and her native name is Wasaruna. She cooks and cleans for the locals and guests at Tierravida Benxote.  She also makes traditional bio-char, assists in Permaculture design, and teaches Indigenous art classes. 

Joel Lomas ~ Gardian of the Land

Joel is Tierravida Benxote’s native guardian of the land. Joel is always happy to help guests with anything they need. You’re sure to find him hard at work; Joel is a master builder of housing and a natural caregiver of the land. His demeanor radiates joy as he is eager to translate Spanish and Shipibo.


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Gilber Reatigui Sangama ~ Tierravida Benxote's Local Guide

Gilber Reategui Sangama, a local guide who lives in our village at Tierravida Benxote. He speaks Spanish and English, leads river trips in his boat, and teaches about medicinal herbs.


Antonio ~ Shipibo Shaman

Antonio is the elder traditional Shipibo Shaman from Rio Pisque, which is a more remote area of the Shipibo natives.  He lives nearby, and is often on the farm.  Antonio works with us on adult healing trips at Tierravida Benxote. Using his skills to transform plants and songs into medicine, Antonio cures illnesses that occur in children and adults in his village.


Amelia ~ Shipibo Shaman

Amelia is a Shipibo Shaman of matriarchal lineage. She grew up in a traditional village in Alto Ucayali where she studied plant medicines before she came to Yarina Cocha to do Shamanistic healing work. Female Shamans play an important role in the energy and healing work of Shamanism. The matriarchal lineage is said to go back to the male and female prophets who transformed into the ayahuascha vine and the chakruana plant.

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