Tierravida Benxote…the school of jungle earth living with the native Shipibos
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You will be greeted at the Tierravida Benxote event by the traditional music of drums and flutes, Shipibo dancing in traditional clothing and Masato in ceramic pots.  You will also enter into initiation into Shipibo tribal life upon arrival. The event will include visionary art classes with Dennis who is a teacher and visionary Shipbo artist who will guide you through making your own visionary art. There will be ceramics classes, weaving classes and many ceremonies with Shamans. Plant baths and traditional dietas will also be available. Icaros will be used along with medicinal plant healings, and massage therapy. Of course we will also celebrate with delicious food, some of which will be prepared using a cob oven. It’s a vegetarian’s heaven but carnivores love having fresh caught fish roasted on the open fire.

Your experience will support a large planting project, funds for completion of a solar dryer, and the purchase of 500 hectares of land to expand Tierravida Benxote’s vision of protecting the lungs of our planet, the mighty Amazon.

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