Tierravida Benxote…the school of jungle earth living with the native Shipibos
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“Natures medicine owns the NGO and everything else on the land. I work for her,  I follow her vision and she is forming everything as it should be”

~ Founder - Adam Stone

The story of Ni Bero begins in a tiny hut in the jungle on Yarina Cocha Lake. Adam Stone, was gifted a vision that urged him to address the needs of the Ucayali River. One year later, he organized a group trip and went down the Ucayali from Pucallpa to Iquitos. The entire group participated in the ritual of drinking visionary medicine as they camped on the beaches under the full moon and cover of a huge Renaco tree. It was during this excursion that they made the decision to buy the land on Yarina Cocha Lake for the much needed environmental projects.
A win/win eco-friendly way of fundraising for the projects, which includes raising awareness of the need of self-sustainability in the region, was born. Eco-tourism would be the main source of funding, and would also serve as the medium to bring awareness to the importance of working with the natural medicine of the land. This project would include earth healing along with the much needed employment for the locals.
The entire organization sprang and all was made possible by the magical powers revealed when Ayahuasca was properly administered. Ayahuasca, drove the vision and pushed it to fruition. The most important and interesting note to Ni Bero’s story is that the Ayahuasca spoke to each of the visionaries during the  trip down the Ucayali from Pucallpa to Iquitos. The Ayahuasca created the cooperative, which is now the first and only nonprofit cooperative Ayahuasca center owned and operated by Shipibo natives.
Ni Bero now involves many people from around the world that make it all happen! By everyone adding their “pieces” to the land to fill it with coconuts, chakruna, bananas and mangos, the abundance of harvest has become a support system for the pioneering of Tierravida, as well as a food source and employment for the locals.

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