Tierravida Benxote…the school of jungle earth living with the native Shipibos
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* Our retreats are all inclusive

  • Day 1 - We meet you at Pucallpa airport and travel via boat across Yarina Cocha lake to Tierravida Benxote.   When you are settled in and comfortable in your jungle lodge, we’ll tour the area and meet the locals. 
  • Day 2 - Dietas begins along with plant walks, yoga and meditations, art creation opportunities such as weaving, embroideries or ceramics. We also prepare for the next day’s ceremony and participate in making Ayahuasca medicine. 
  •  Day 3 - Aromatic floral baths and ceremony at night.
  •  Day 4 - Art meditations, educational opportunities, and optional painting.
  •  Day - 5, 6 & 7 is at your leisure during the day and ceremonies at night.
  •  Day - 8 Plane flight upriver and hotel stay in Atalaya.
  •  Day 9 - Visit medicinal hot springs, and sacred caves and the native Ashanika village. Evening ceremony at crystal clear stream in Sapani.
  •  Day 10 - A 6 hour boat trip to Sephaua and overnight stay in hotel.
  •  Day 11 - Trek to Eco reserve and virgin rainforest to visit the Macaw reserve.
  •  Day 12 - Complete relaxation at the Eco reserve, including canoeing, hiking and swimming in the pristine beach. There, we’ll meet native Nahauas and the recently contacted voluntary isolated tribe of the Alto Manu. All ceremonies will be attended by a Shipibo Shaman who will be traveling with us during the entire trip. This day concludes with a ceremony with Nauaha Shaman.  
  • Day 13 - You’ll learn about jungle survival, sacred friction fire, hunting and gathering edible and medicinal plants. We’ll interrelate with the voluntary isolated tribes and search out animals, such as Spider and Howler monkeys, Tapirs and more. An evening ceremony closes the day.
  • Day 14 – Back downriver to Sepahua to spend our last night of this adventured filled journey in a hotel. 
  • Day 15- Return to Pucallpa.                      
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Tierravida Benxote , Pucallpa, Peru
Tierravida Benxote

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